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Descripción The Amcor Group – Business Overview

Amcor Limited’s group of companies is comprised of six main operating companies, four of which are headquartered outside Australia. Most of these specialise in specific sectors of the packaging market.

Amcor Australasia – is the most diverse of the business units and supplies a broad range of packaging items across the complete Amcor product line. Its range of products includes: Corrugated boxes, cartons, folding cartons; steel and aluminium cans for foods, beverages and household products; flexible packaging; PET plastic jars and bottles; plastic and metal closures; glass wine bottles; multiwall sacks, paper, cartonboard and paper recycling.

Amcor Asia – which was the region of earliest overseas expansion around 1985, also has a diverse range of products, including fibre packaging, (cartons and sacks), speciality folding cartons and tobacco packaging, flexible plastics and some PET containers and closures.

Amcor Flexibles – was formed in 2001 (then called Amcor Flexibles Europe) with the merger of the Amcor Flexibles Europe businesses with Danisco Flexible and the majority of Akerlund & Rausing. This business has continued expanding its operations over the last few years via the acquisitions of Rexam Food Flexibles and Tobepal S.A. in Spain in 2002 and Rexam Healthcare Flexibles in 2003.
The wide variety of flexible packaging solutions now made globally by Amcor Flexibles includes flexible and film packaging in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, including confectionery, coffee, fresh food and dairy, as well as high value-added medical applications.

Amcor Rentsch & Closures – Includes Amcor Rentsch, a tobacco and specialty folding cartons business, which has expanded into Eastern Europe and Russia; and Amcor Closures (Bericap North America and Amcor White Cap) which produce a wide range of plastic and metal caps.
More specifically, Amcor Rentsch makes specialty folding cartons for tobacco, confectionery and cosmetics; and Amcor White Cap and Bericap produce plastic and metal caps and lids for a wide variety of applications, mostly linked to the food and beverage industries.

Amcor PET Packaging – The acquisition of the PET and Closures assets in 2002 from the Schmalbach Lubeca Group of Germany elevated Amcor to the position of being the world’s largest manufacturer of PET containers. With around 70 plants globally, this business makes over 32 billion PET containers per annum, for a broad range of products, including carbonated soft drinks, water, juices, sports drinks, milk-based beverages, spirits and beer, sauces, dressings, spreads and personal care items.

Amcor Sunclipse – The American based distribution and corrugated manufacturing unit of Amcor produces packaging products to complement its distribution services. Amcor Sunclipse has 38 distribution centres throughout the USA and Mexico and 14 manufacturing plants.
The distribution unit is a major supplier in this sector in North America which purchases, warehouses, sells and delivers a wide variety of products. Amcor Sunclipse manufactures corrugated and other specialty product packaging including “Point of Purchase” displays and foam and fabricated packaging concepts.
Further information on all these businesses can be obtained from their respective sections of the Amcor website.